the Cranial Fishers

It's hard to describe what the Cranial Fishers
At any given moment, you're as likely to hear totally
abstract soundscapes as you are to hear rhythmically driven
industrial sounds...or perhaps a bit of jazz...a piece of
dialogue borrowed from a movie...a cheesy sounding keyboard...
or a lush orchestration. Sprinkled with a sense of the absurd.
And maybe touch of irony.

Let The Critics speak :

"I ain't never heard nothing like 'em."

--FakeMag Monthly

"It ain't half bad."

--Some Reviewer

"Possibly the most amazing aural event of the
decade. A sonic tour-de-force, heralding a new musical
aesthetic for the new century."

--Press Kit

"What the hell is this crap!?"

--Mann Onstreet