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(c) (P)ee
Dad's New Slacks
the Cranial Fishers
Donald Surface and his Mysterious Men
Phineas Narco
Jesus H. Christ
BTM's Out Of Band Experience
Naked Rabbit
Workshoppe Radio Phonik
Escape Mechanism
Todd Polenberg
Seditious Halibut Media
The Bran Flakes
Project: Data Control
Reggae Death Squad
Bonefish Sam and his Power Orchestra
Stop Children
The Former Yugoslavia
American Head
The Button
M-sliŠk da ninjA
Animals Within Animals
Stark Effect
Alien Journalism
the TINC Project
The Mind
Dangling Ganglion
Tangent Precipitate
The Art Of Bleeding

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"In communicating at electronic speed, we no longer direct information into an
audience...but try to evoke stored information out of them, in a patterned way."
--Tony Schwartz, The Responsive Chord (1974)

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